I've found another polyglot

By the way, the same ideas as Steve has

and anower one:

And…the most proficient polyglot on youtube? Alexander Arguelles. Very different to Steve’s ideas. Almost the opposite, in fact.

Sorry, I just have to day it. It’s not good logic to think that the only way a polyglot comes about is from holding the same ideas as Steve’s. That needs to be respected.

@Cheshirskiy: Both are well known here and have an account on LingQ. Some of the members have participated in the Polyglot project of Syzygycc.

The link for the PDF:


claude= syzygycc

It is interesting that two of the most proficient polyglots I know of - Steve and ProfArguelles - both have very different learning styles and methodologies. I think this just goes to show that there are many ways of learning languages. The best thing to do is pick and choose what appeals to you and just work very hard.

I’m sure Prof Arguelles is great, but I haven’t seen any proof of him possessing the kinds of skills I want to attain. I prefer Steve, Luca, Robert and Richard Simcott. I generally find that a lot of what Steve says either makes logical sense to me, or it’s something I’ve already experienced.

I am not sure that Prof Arguelles and I differ so much. I think most proficient language learners need a lot of input, listening and reading. This is true of all, including Kato Lomb, the famous Hungarian polyglot. Prof. Arguelles is a professional linguist and spends a great deal of time on a lot of the details of all the many languages he speaks. He does this in a thorough and time consuming way, that I would not be able to do. I have seen his video where he moves from reading in Ancient Armenian, and then doing grammar studies in Turkish, etc. changing languages every 15 minutes. I just could not do this. So all polyglots have their own special interests or methods, but I doubt if they differ on the importance of input.

All uses different methods, yep. But all focuses to input without special grammar emphasis (as i see), that they has in common and what differs them from classic school.

2 VeraI: Oh, didn’t know that )))
Nevertheless, it’s so inspiring to read about theirs success in language learning.

2 jolanda: 10x for link.

I think Professor A understand input very well too, Steve. But, one big difference between the two of you is that he does use grammar fairly heavily. He even does drills.

Personally I’m somewhere half way between the two ways. Still input based, but no drills and less grammar. One day, I’ll speak/understand just as many languages as you pair! (Hopefully more hehe) :smiley:

a new article from claude (= syzygycc)


Thank you Jolanda. I’ve imported and just studied this inspiring article of Claude.