I've done it again!

This morning I put some of my French writing onto my posterous blog and also sent it to LingQCentral-fr.

Then I had even more fun: I translated those four letters into English and have just added them to the library. (Letters from my cottage in England)

It’s quite curious, there’s not a lot of difference between the two versions. I wrote the letters straight in French, without ever consciously thinking of the text in English, but the translation seemed to be nearly word for word. Odd…

I listened to your new recordings in the library. I think nobody would think that you are not a native speaker of English.

By the way I read “L’ Amant” by Marguerite Duras in Japanese. The movie created based on this book was so sensational all over the world that I was curious about the original. However, I think I missed the true exoticism this book shows us at that time. And I didn’t understand fully how madly ( or how purely? ) people could love each other. This is mainly because I read it in Japanese, partly because I was too busy bringing up my little son to appreciate her works.

Sorry, this has little to do with the thread!

I read your letters (in French), and they remind me of the Miss Read books. (Miss Read, of course, wrote in English). Perhaps you could become the new Miss Read?

Well, at the moment I have no literary aspirations, but I may continue writing for the library. I read Miss Read years ago and liked the books, any similarity is coincidental, though. I just write what’s in my head at the moment.

@ Cherry6120 You are so kind. My accent is there for Brits to here, I’m quite certain of that.

As to L’Amant, I think our understanding of people and passions grows with age and experience. I like to re-read favourite books after some years. Only the very good books offer new insights and remain all-time favourites. Some books were simply entertaining the first time round and now have nothing new to give.