It's time to recognize Ukrainian

It’s time to recognize Ukrainian as a fully supported language.
It has:
4:44:48 hours of the beginner content,
5:53:34 hours of the advanced content,
and definitely more than 5 hours of intermediate content.


Just out of curiosity, what does the classification change?

As far as I can remember the following things

  1. The lingq avatar gets cloths items that represent the culture of the language (German: Bavarian farmer, French: Napoelon outfit, etc.)
  2. All the lessons in the beginner courses (Who is she, eating out, and I think there was another one as well) gets published (not 100 % about this one)
  3. Recognition that the language has at least 2 hours of beginner, 5 hours of intermediate and advanced materiel.

Great news! The more languages the better, as far as I’m concerned.


I believe 2 hours of beginner is enough.

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Any official reply from the LingQ team?

Mark should reply. I think we should make Ukrainian supported simply because of the amount of good content there, including the new mini stories which are excellent. I believe Oksana did a great job. But we can’t keep adding avatars etc. I think leaving languages as Beta is just a warning too people that the available content may be limited. Otherwise there is no real difference.

The mini stories are really excellent.
The avatars are not so important. The content is more important. And we do have it for Ukrainian.

I understand that we will change the status of Ukrainian, and any other language with enough resources, but only the status will change, nothing else.