It's interesting to know

In this English collection, you can read and listen to different interesting things and stories about the history, culture, languages, customs, food and other issues of our everyday life.
I thank my English, American and Australian friends for their cooperation in writing and recording these podcasts.
The today’s podcast is about THE BENEFITS OF HONEY:

Besides, you can find in this course IT’S INTERESTING TO KNOW such podcasts as:
How to work with a new text
How to study words
Do you really need the grammar?
Speaking with friends or with a tutor?
Russian dialects
When to start speaking?
Kiever Rus
Iwan the Terrible
Peter the First
Do great minds think alike?
The History of Tea
The History of Coffee
The History of Chocolate
The development of the English language
The Study of Culture
What brings Happiness?
People’s psychological types
Peace only in our dreams etc.

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