It's a bit of a problem to learning, when moving to the next page does not work

The above link is for one of my Danish lessons. A number of times I have experience a lack of a ability to move to the next page in this lesson and some others as well. This problem is only occurring in sentence mode.

Sorry to hear that. The issue you mentioned should be fixed, but some users are still complaining about it and I asked our team to investigate it again. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Zoran. I’m experiencing the same problem with the page mode. Can’t move to the next page because the arrow button doesn’t work.

I posted about this a few months ago and never got a resolution. It is to the point where LingQ is not useful. The website itself is full of issues and quirks - sorry but it is true. As much as I want it to be a learning tool for me, the website and interface prevent me from wanting to use it. Not begin able to advance to the next page is a fundamental flaw and should be a hot priority. Please bump this issue to the top of the list and let us know when it is updated please. There is very little about LingQ which is intuitive and having a website causing more of a stumbling block is just unacceptable - wouldn’t you agree?


I am going to post right here since this is the most recent thread that mentions the issue that I have found, although I can see there have been others.

In the page mode, I am not able anymore to flip to the next page in some lessons I imported myself. I have first encountered this issue on Windows Firefox. When I switched to Edge, I was first able to move to the next page or finish a lesson, but now I am facing the same problem there too.

Since there are multiple users affected by this critical bug for some time, can you please let us know your expected timeline for the resolution? The site is currently entirely unusable for me.

I am on Windows 11 and have encountered the bug on Firefox and Edge. I have tried the private mode, but it did not make a difference, and neither does restarting the browsers.

Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing the issue. I asked our team to look into it again.

If it helps, when it happens to me, I can resolve the issue by shrinking the size of the LingQ window. Page turning becomes normal again.