Italian youtube videos with full subtitles! hours of study possible!

Hi Everyone,

I have found a lot of youutube videos in italian with full subtitles, i find the close captions too hard to work with.

look at videos below that you can upload into lingq for studying! just these videos will keep you occupied for weeks.

Marcello Ascani (a vlogger/traveller)

Breaking Italy (political/news opinions

Marco Montemagno (interviews/vlogger)


Great. Iโ€™ll add these to the content list LingQ Language Resources - Google Sheets

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These are great. Thank you!

If Italy is like the rest of Europe then you should be able to watch Italian TV with subtitles if you can get an Italian VPN. I believe itโ€™s an EU law to provided close captioning for the deaf. I do it with French TV and itโ€™s one of the best things ever to be able to watch normal French shows with professionally made subtitles.

Was there a search term you used that could help me find similar in Spanish?