Italian-Spanish Dictionaries

Hi! When looking for hints I mostly use Google Translate but sometimes a second opinion is clearly needed. Unfortunately, the Italian-Spanish combination is not very popular so the only two options currently available are:

  • Babylon, but most of the times I can’t get anything from it because for some reason translations to other languages appear first and the window is not big enough to fit them all, and Spanish seems to be the last. I don’t know if this is normal… German, English, Video results, Persian… and then, with luck, Spanish.
  • And Hoepli, but it does not work, it freezes before showing the translation.

So basically for Italian to Spanish we only have Google Translate, at least it’s quite good, but it would be nice to have another one.
Apart from that I am lingqing as usual. The new features are nice, but I think the big revolution came when you decided to mark the lingqs in yellow shades. To me that was the biggest step forward.

Well, sorry to put one more thing on the list. Thank you.

Hoepli does work, it’s just a bit slow to load the page.

We could definitely use some more dictionaries for this combination. Do you have any suggestions of dictionaries that you’d like to see?

Hi Alex, I have tried waiting, and it’s not a matter of time. I just tried and noticed that if I type the word in the search box myself (inside the widget, when it seems frozen or searching) it does work and it’s actually very fast. No idea why it does not load like that in the first place.
I don’t know other dictionaries since I use monolinguals outside lingq, but I’ll see what I can find, I’ll let you know.

I found out something. If the word is a variation (a feminine, a plural, a conjugated verb, etc) Hoepli does not return anything right away, but it does if I write it myself in the search box. And if it’s not, it works fine.
Does this make any sense?

Ah, I see. There isn’t much we can do about this, but we are more than willing to add new dictionaries that users suggest! :slight_smile:

I understand, well I am trying to find more but it’s not so easy, I will tell you if I do. Thank you!

Hi Alex, I can’t find a dictionary that I like, but I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to make available a dictionary in the target language? I am thinking of wordreference, so that I could read a definition in Italian and then type its meaning in Spanish. That’s the way I am doing it at the moment and it’s very convenient, because wordreference shows a lot of clear example sentences in its italian definition version.

Happy new year! :slight_smile:

You can certainly do this. Just keep your dictionary language set as Spanish, then add an Italian dictionary (wordreference, for example). LingQ will remember the dictionary you last used, so when you create a new LingQ by searching the dictionary, the Italian dictionary will appear below and the Hint language will default to Spanish.

Happy New Year to you as well :slight_smile:

How do I do that? When I add a dictionary, I click on Wordreference and then Translate to… only the option “English” is available, there is no Italian definition option. I think I am missing something here…

Ah, I see. Wordreference offers an Italian-English dictionary, but they do not offer an Italian-Italian dictionary. I’m not sure if we have any Italian-Italian dictionaries on the site, but if you have any you would like to see on the site just let me know.

Now I don’t follow. Why do you say they don’t offer one? Do you mean they do not allow LingQ to put it in the widget? This is the one I am talking about:

My apologies! I must’ve skipped over this dictionary while browsing their site. I’ve now added to to the list, so you should be able to add it as a resource now.

That was quick! I tried it already and it works wonderfully well, thanks again Alex!