Italian Politics?

Hey all,

Firstly, wanted to say thank you to everyone at LingQ for all your work-- I have spent the last 4 months learning Italian to get into an intermediate Italian course at University and I got in with ease and was offered a spot in the Advanced section! Could not have done that without Steve and all of the videos/ LingQ

Now, I really want to expand my political vocabulary but I can’t find anything in Italian with both transcription and speech. Do any of you know a really good place to get italian news (for free preferably)?

Thanks so much!


Congratulations! Great to hear. We’re not surprised.

Have you tried importing from Italian news sites like Il Post? I know there’s no audio but is better than nothing. I’m not aware of any news sites with both text and audio.

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Unreal, thanks so much, Mark! You’re the man

Check the material from Beppe Grillo, right here at Lingq.


Wow thank you so much! I love it :slight_smile:

Hi Every one … Iwill introduce myself first my name is Hayat i’m 16 years i live in Algerie i’m student t Hight school i’m learning foreign languages ! i speak french well englich too i will learn italian but i don’t know how … Can you help me please

i’m wating a replay

Thank you so much and with all my respect

I have red some small Italian books with grammar explanations, than it was many, many hours of practice listening and reading lessons on LingQ. Later I could have long conversations in Italian via Skype.
Sounds not too difficult but it took many months and passion.

If you speak French, you can already read newspapers or things on the internet that interest you. Italian is very similar to French (and it doesn’t have the weird spelling of French), take a look at the basics, learn to recognize the conjugations and then most of it will be pretty transparent.