Italian podcasts with transcripts for importing

I would like to ask you if you know some interesting Italian podcasts with transcripts for private importing to lingq. I still have enough material to study here in the library but I would like to widen my scope too. I know how to import newspaper articles but I do not know exactly how to import correctly the audio.

Small update: I found podcasts not only in Italian but also in English, French, German and Spanish on


Nice find, thanks for posting! I’m interested in the ITA/FRA/ESP podcasts, and I might try to see if they’re willing to do some collaboration with me for my ENG podcast, since a few of the episodes deal with Switzerland anyway.

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Thank you for the link! One of the series of podcasts called Licia Domanda is actually already on LingQ and has been a great resource for me. I will probably import a few other podcasts from this site onto LingQ as well.

Yes I noticed Licia Domanda is imported here yet. It would be great if you could import also other of those podcasts here.