Italian news + podcasts


Does anyone know any interesting news website in italian? I’ve been underwhelmed by La Stampa and La Repubblica (among others) and would like to know what you guys usually read. Podcasts are also welcome!

As for podcasts I use Some of their Italian podcasts are included here at lingq library too. As for Italian newspapers I usually read Corriere della Sera.

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When I was working on Italian I had an online subscription to Espresso ( and I found it very worthwhile. Only like 50 euros for a year’s subscription.

For longer articles, Internazionale is good (and free):

Alle otto della sera is wonderful (although no longer actively produced):

Liber Liber is great for free audiobooks (and much more!): Liber Liber – Libri, audiolibri e musica con licenze libere


il provinciale subjects include dialects, food, news, festivals, parties and tourist sites both on and off the beaten path:

Mix 24 - La storia from Italy’s Radio 24. Provides a more in-depth discussion of items in the news or trends in the culture:

Fisicast, this monthly podcast takes on physics in a broad sense and at a very approachable level for total non-scientists, but is mostly tightly scripted, which has advantages and disadvantages: Fisicast | Radio Scienza

For news:

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Hey! I have a podcast/YouTube channel which isn’t necessarily about news, but rather about what I find interesting. Let me know what you think if you happen to check it out :slight_smile:

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Here is a list of Italian newspapers with the respective websites. List of newspapers in Italy - Wikipedia

I read La Stampa and ANSA ( (there’s some section foreign language) and ADNKronos (,: the last two are news agency, not newspaper.

About the podcast, it depends from your interest and how much time do you want spent to listen to a single episode. Do you have any idea about?