Italian lessons 'Cristo si è fermato a Eboli'

I’m really happy with the progress I have made with my Italian from scratch over the last 8 months and have this one question for now.

I bought the downloads for this book with points from you,which arrived fine. I assumed that when I clicked on the lesson in the library I would get a text with all the unknown words marked in blue as usual. This hasn’t happened. I just get the spoken part but no text, which is a real pity as that is such an important part of LingQ - enabling one to get to know a lot of words.

I do have a copy of the text in book form and reading along with the recording is fine, but I miss my LingQs!

Being fairly computer illiterate I also don’t know how to down load the recordings I have bought onto I-Phone. All my other lessons have transferred fine.

Any suggestions?


@Revtrev - All lessons in the library come with both text and audio. I checked your account and it doesn’t look like you have bought that lesson. No points were deducted from your account. You still have all the points you purchased. What is confusing when you buy premium lessons is that you are taken to a second page which shows all the lessons in that premium course again and shows the prices for them. You then need to click the Buy button on the far right for the lesson you want to buy which will open the lesson with text as usual. You also have the option to buy the whole course using the button at the top of the page under the course description. This usually gives you a discount on buying all the lessons. Thereafter, you should be able to find all the lessons you buy in the My Lessons list. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Dear Mark

All is clear! Thanks so much.