Italian Conversation Meetup (3 Nov 2021)

Japanese, not Italian. Whoops.

Use this thread to start/continue the conversations in today’s conversation meetup.

If someone can translate this comment above, I will edit it :stuck_out_tongue:

According to the link received this should have been the Japanese Conversation Meetup thread, so I’m just going to write my thank you note here!

I’m a new user of LingQ and joining the meetup felt like some sort of welcome ceremony. It has been a long time since I spoke Japanese. The meetup was a challenge, but fun. It’s motivated me to study harder so I’ll keep this message short and get back to reading. I still want to hit my goal for today!

Thank you, James, for participating too. I hope we get to meet many other students of Japanese next time :slight_smile:

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Great! Yeah sorry, I forgot to change the title from italian to japanese :frowning: But glad you had a good experience!

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This new thread has Japanese in the title: Japanese Conversation Meetup (3 Nov 2021) - Language Foru...

Oh great, thank you!

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Thank you too! I really enjoyed our conversation today. Hopefully our paths will cross again with some new faces in the near future