Italian calabrese dialect. Dialetto calabrese

My girlfriend is calabrese and she is translating some of the basic mini stories for me in that dialect.

Lingq will not be able to support it, but I can make it available eventually when they are done. Anyone or LingQ interested?

la mia ragazza viene da calabria, sta traducendo dei mini stories principante.

lingq non possono supportarlo. Ma siete interessati O chiunque?

Scusami il mio italiano non è bravo :joy:


As someone who speaks a distinct dialect of Swedish and as my identity is closely tied to my native language. I am saddened by the growing threat of extinction of regional dialects/languages in Europe.

Lingq has made it clear that they will add whatever language that the general public (lingq members) can gather enough material (40 mini stories). I don’t see why lingq would be against it or why there would be any technical difficulties for adding Calabrese.

Unless you mean that Calabrese is not unique enough to be considered added as a language and intend to public them under the Italian slot.

I think it is great if there were regional languages on lingq, but would I personally learn Calabrese, probably not? I have quite an extensive knowledge of romance languages so, Latin and Catalan will probably be the last romance languages that I will learn.

Yes, it’s very sad to see many regional languages disappear eaten up by the bigger Ones.

Lingq wouldnt be able to support it because there are no dictionaries for it, it is virtually only an oral language. though Being phonetic it makes it easy to spell in a way Though there are no official spellings.
The other issue is calabrese may also have hundreds of variations. For example, my girlfriend struggles mightily to speak with her grandmother in dialect and she only lives 20 miles away, her grandmother uses many different words than she does.
But this is why calabrese particularlily interests me.
and I hope that these few mini stories that we can translate will help keep it alive in a small way.

Also so I read someone is translating Catalan on LingQ! So soon you will be able to learn it!


“Lingq wouldnt be able to support it because there are no dictionaries for it, it is virtually only an oral language.”

Oh yeah, I compliantly forgot about that, that some regional language are like that. In terms of Catalan being added soon, that’s true. Although I think given that I love grammar and have quite a good command of vocabulary I would even study it without it being on lingq.

It is a big enough language to have quite a lot material and I feel (not necessarily factually true) that there are some vague cultural similarities between Catalonians and Swedish-speaking Finns. We haven’t always been so loved here in Finland (see Finland language strife).

Yes, my husband and I live in Calabria and we would be very interested in learning the Calabrese dialect!!

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The German library has some lessons in dialects. It is interesting to compare with the official language!
Please share your mini stories in the Italian library. But they should have any of advanced levels.


For those who may be interested but haven’t seen it yet, Paul of Langfocus has a video about the languages of Italy. It’s been a while since I viewed it, but I seem to recall that many of the “dialects” could be considered separate languages. Languages of Italy - (NOT just dialects!) - YouTube