Italian Begginers Greetings

i have just started the Italian greetings for beginners and i am having trouble learning the words. I read a little of it and i get distracted soon after. I want to learn this language but i’m having trouble starting. If anyone has some ideas of how i can learn it better like techniques and such please comment.
your feedback is really needed

Also if any people would like to become my friend and help me with my language learning it would be much appreciated!!

The best way is create lingQs and listen … A lot . Don’t worry about not memorizing every single word in each lesson . As a beginner all you should worry about is expanding your vocabulary and expose yourself to as much lessons as possible . After a while , you’ll start to see the basic and common words in italian being repeated over and over and by time you’ll get used to them .

As to grammar , steve recommends to not worry about grammar at first , since most of what you’ll learn will soon be forgotten . I personally think studying grammar rules will be useful once you get used to the language ( forming basic sentences by yourself , understanding short and simple texts ) . For the last two months I’ve been studying italian , and let me tell you something , its awesome ! :slight_smile: I find it one of the easiest languages out there . If you studied french then the grammar later on should be a piece of cake , since there are a lot of similarities . Even with English you’ll find a lot of similarities .

When it comes to arranging your studying time each day , I think the most important part is to not push yourself too hard . Once you get bored with a lesson move on , If you feel like you’ve had enough today , stop . Language learning ( especially with lingq) should be fun . And as long as your motivated , you’ll find it very interesting . By time you’ll form your very own routine .

Here are the lessons I was studying when I first started using LingQ :

  • Eating out , greetings and goodbyes , Who is she

  • also a good idea would be buying a language book ( Un libro per stranieri ) like the following , and taking the texts in it ( which are usally accompanied with audio files ) and importing it to lingQ . The best ones I found were :

  • Espresso (1)

  • Nuovo progetto italiano ( 1)

But that’s for later on xD

Also check steve’s youtube channel " lingosteve " , he posts alot of useful tips .
Here’s one : " What matters themost in language learning " What Matters the Most in Language Learning - YouTube

Thanks for telling me some study ideas. I’ve watched a video on youtube about the alphabet and i found it very interesting how the italian and the spanish alphabet are very similar, I’m happy to realize that there are alot of words in spanish that are the same in Italian. It will be as steve said a free bee every once in a while. I have also been watching lingosteves videos previous to coming on lingq. He was actually what brought me here. Thanks for the help and i’m looking forward to an enjoying language learning experience!

p.s. should i practice saying the words out loud all the time when i first start?


It’ll probably help , also in italian ( and I think in spanish too ) there are certain letter combinations thta are pronounced in a special way like " c+e" gives a “tshe” pronouciation . I think its more important to know these combinations at first so that you know how to read italian words properly .

Here’s a link :

Just scroll down to " letter combinations "

Thanks that will help alot!

Hello, i’m Italian. If you want I can teach you Italian. I would like to learn English. I added both you on LingQ. Accept my request and sorry for errors. I don’t speack English very well =)

sounds good. Just so you know I speak very little italian so far.