It would be really helpful to have the Brazilian and Continental Portuguese lessons in separate places, or labeled

I find it really hard to study Portuguese (in my case, Brazilian) here on LingQ because the lessons are all mixed up between the European and Brazilian versions.

It would be great to have at least a label or something next to each lessons saying whether it is spoken in the Brazilian or Continental way, this way we would know which version to expect before having to open the file and start listening to the audio, which is time consuming. I know some people might think both versions are very similar (they are not), but when you’re trying to concentrate your efforts in learning one version, especially when you’re a beginner/intermediate learner like me, I find it is very important to be consistent and to stick with one version.

What do you guys think?


Is the accent label sufficient?

Accent label? What do you mean?

Each lesson has an ‘accent’ field. Sometimes it is empty though.

Most of the content is Brazilian Portuguese. It is up to the provider to label these for accent. I will try to find the time to go in and add some labels.

wakold have you clicked on "advanced search’ and search by the accent field? There are 15 pages of content in the Brazilian accent.

Thanks Steve, I didn’t know about the advanced search section–although my comment still applies, because I think it would make things easier to have a small label (such as “BR” and “PR” for example) saying which accent is being spoken in the lesson in question. But anyhow, I’ll definitely try out my future searches with the advanced search feature.

And if I’m correct, you’re book was translated and recorded in the Portugal version right?


Hello wakold,

Finally I’m going to have some time to provide lessons here at LingQ. I’m starting a course called “Gramática Prática!” which intends to help portuguese students with the grammar, but in a useful and not boring way.

My accent is paulistano (from São Paulo).

Boa sorte com o aprendizado!

Yes the book was recorded by a Portuguese member.

I hope there is a recording of the book in Paulistano Portuguese.

I could do it with pleasure!

That would be great!

Diego we have rewarded other members for recording the book in other languages, let’s discuss this.