It would be nice to create links for lesson titles

Especially for a beginner like me, it would be helpful to be able to create links (lingqs?) for the words in the title of a lesson. But it seems like I can only create lingqs for the words in the body. Sometimes, there is a word in the title that I don’t understand, and it’s not present in the body.

A good idea, jeanlibera. The developpers should take notice of this!

Many content providers actually repeat the lesson title in the text of the lesson so that users can select and create LingQ of it too. That’s one solution, since for now lesson title can’t be selected.
I’ll add your suggestion on the wishlist and forward it to our development team.

The other thing you can do for now is add the words in the title as words on the Vocabulary page so you can look them up and they will be added as LingQs.