It takes too much time to open LingQ Home

I have just posted a complain/ a report in Japanese Forum about the speed to open LingQ Home.
After I open my browser, and click my LingQ bookmark. Today it takes 4 minutes to open my LingQ homepage. I usually use ADSL 50M and I can surf the internet without any stress. However every time when I come to LingQ site, it takes long time to reach here.

Some other Japanese users reported about it and Steve responded it. I know you have a lot of things to do now. I hesitated to say about this, because you are busy to fix many problems.

As a fan of LingQ, it’s time to say about it. Now I cannot recommend my friends to use LingQ, because it takes long long time to reach to LingQ. They probably to give it up.


We are very much aware of the speed issue on the Home page. This also affects the speed of the whole site. We are going to turn our attention to that issue very soon. It is an issue that most affects accounts with a lot of data such as yours. New accounts are actually fast. Having said that, we will fix it so that our power users (including Steve and myself) can load the home page quickly.