It seems there should be some restrictions for tutoring settings

I think that the system should have a mechanism to prevent users to set up tutoring settings like at this profile: Login - LingQ

  1. “Send writing in English” while English level is “Beginner I”
  2. To much languages for conversations.

I do not know what we can do. This is unusual. I think learners have to choose who they want as a tutor. Would you use this member as a tutor. I know I would not, except perhaps for Arabic one day.

I posted a comment on his wall telling him that we want native speakers or at least people who are very fluent in a language who might help beginners of their own language group. Let’s see what happens and see what Mark has to say. Thanks for pointing this out.

For example there could be some rules before someone can set himself as a tutor:

  • A minimum of 100 created LingQs
  • A minimum of one conversation in a learning language
  • A minimum of 100 submitted words

    Or they should first talk to an experienced user who is a native in this language as an approval?

    A lot of things are possible.

I appreciate the feedback but I don’t think we need to do anything about that situation at the moment. All members can see how many LingQs a tutor has created, how many conversations they have hosted, speaking hours they have in the system, number of corrections done, words of writing. Members can make their own decisions. So far, I have not seen any reasons to put up barriers to tutoring. Of course, we will continue to monitor the situation and deal with any situations that arise. Most native speakers would probably have No Knowledge as their level in their native language since they woudn’t bother to choose a level.

The professional teacher even as he is a non native speaker can help more efficiently especially in the elementary level (when a learner needs sometimes explanation in his native language) than a native speaker without practice in teaching. Most of such “teachers” will speak too quickly, use too much unknown for learners words to say nothing of cluttering up the language with o lot of useless slang and curse words just because he\ or she considers it would be cool.

I pointed that there are a lot of people, who do not know English and that’s why misunderstand tutoring settings. There should be some algorithm for searching such cases. I don’t have nothing against people who tutors in several languages.

I don’t have nothing
Too much Russian for today…