It is time to change how we learn languages, an article for translation

I have written an article on language learning.See link below. I would like your comments and suggestions.

I would like to submit this article to leading bloggers in different languages. Would any of you be willing to translate this into your language?

Can you suggest influential bloggers that might accept this article?

Obviously the intention is to generate interest in LingQ by providing some useful information and hopefully, through my short bio, attracting some people over to our site.

Well written, Steve. I think I have time to translate it into Swedish (unless nobody else desperately wants to - I don’t know any of the other Swedes here…).

Is this something you also would like having recorded into the teaching languages here at LingQ?


I had not thought of that but it is a good idea. I will record it in English and put it in the Library. Anyone who records it in their own language is welcome to Upload it to the store and earn points for it. I would like to see the translation and hear the recording before it goes up, but the points will belong to the person who records and translates it.

Hi Steve !

I can do this in French. Translate and record it.

That would be great Cecile. Any ideas about French blogs that might be interested in posting this article?

I have a friend who has a blog, this blog doesn’t speak about learning languages but I know that he receives many visit.

I would like my article to appear on a blog which is popular. It can be a blog devoted to any subject, it need not, and preferably would not be a blog dedicated to languages. There are always people interested in languages.

I’m halfway through the translation now. It’s probably ready tomorrow. I’ve changed the phrasing here and there to make it sound more natural.

As for the recording, is it OK to just speak naturally at a “normal” speed? I mean, I assume this isn’t something that the average beginner would choose as their first content (neither would I, but I’ll gladly listen-read the German, Russian and Chinese versions, if they get translated/uploaded).

That is wonderful Jeff. Yes please make it natural in Swedish and read at a normal speed, with conviction :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,
I can translate and record a German version.

I can translate and create audio in Russian unless somebody else is already doing this.

That would be great Vera and Junair. Thank you. Please load them up in the Library as your content if you wish.

I welcome any ideas about blogs that might be interested in accepting this article as a guest article.

Steve, there is a misprint:
"7) The Internet - the new world of natural learning at our finger-tips.

… The Internet is the home of the language learAning revolution…"


When I go to the link I do not find that mistake, but I found another one and corrected it. Thanks.

That mistake is still here, it seems. The whole sentence is: “The Internet is the home of the language learaning revolution, the natural language learning revolution.”

Strange, when I go to the link I do not see learaning. Weird.

For what it’s worth, I see “learaning” too.

weird, I don’t…let me go have another glass of wine.

Me too, learaning… It sounds like a character from Tolkien’s stories. Learaning Singollo or something. :wink:

I still saw “learning” on mine but now I have removed the whole sentence.