It is impossible to create new lessons!

I don’t know if it is a new unexpected version or it’s only today’s mistake, but I can’t import my new lesson into the library!
It is said that ‘the page can’t be found’, however, really it works but wrongly. As a result I put the same lesson 4 times as a privat lesson, but I can’t make it public.
I can’t go to the edition page -where is it now???
‘Back to the import’ return me to my imported lessons before, but isn’t impossible to make corrections or to make this lesson public etc.
What’s happened?

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Yes, I also have problems. I seem to be able to add lessons to an existing collection, but when in the editing page of the lesson I click ‘Back to course’ it does not work anymore. (I would like to change the order of the lessons, but am not able to do so anymore). Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this. We are looking into the issue of “the page can’t be found”. We hope to fix it today.

To share a lesson, please save it first (ignore the 404 error for now as a lesson is still added to your account), or click “save and open”. Then click “edit lesson” from the dropdown menu on the lesson page (at the top), or on the My Lessons page (next to the “open” button). Sorry for the inconvenience!

But Galina, before I could go to the general edition list of all my created and imported lessons, but now I can’t.
It is important for me and perhaps for such providor like Vera because I imported for the public usage more than 1000 lessons in 3 languages, and I can’t of course remember all of them - that’s why I go before creating of a new lesson to this general edition publishing list in order to check my created before lessons and not to repeat the same topics.
It’s for me also importyant to check which lessons are more popular and which ones are less popular.
How can I have an access to such lists now?

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I guess this was done by accident and not by purpose.
Galina wrote “We hope to fix it today”.

@evgueny40 - sorry, that list no longer exists. To see all the lessons you have already shared, please go to My Imports page and select “shared” on the left sidebar. You will see all your published lessons and their “stats” :slight_smile:

This was done by purpose? Galina, the library is a horror to me. I cannot find anything there and it is unbelievable slow too. If you would have shared about 2,000 German lessons you would think the same!

My first thought was, this must be an accident!

I love to see all the lessons in a table view. I was able to see all the titles in a relatively short manner. But I really dislike the library view which is maybe stylish but as a content provider you cannot really work with it! LingQ became more and more worse.

I think I will not share any more lessons. It seems to be a pain now! How could you stop providing a clear view of the lessons and make us use the library. The filter in the library seems not to work at all. I’m really, really, really shocked abou that descision.

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I always used this link Login - LingQ to get an overview of my imported collections. From that point I was able to open the import page for a course. In the course I could easily change the position numbers. Where can I do it now? It was so easy to find a lesson that way and quite fast.

The library is so sloooooooooow. And I know that some lessons don’t appear there at all. I never was able to figure out why. But as nothing has changed in the library after lots of complaints, I have rarely used it to in the past.

@evgueny40 @VeraI - sorry, I just want to clarify. Having said “that list no longer exists” I was not sure which exact list Evgueny was referring to. Are you talking about Learn page?

Galina, please log in with the LingQ provider and open this:

From this list of imported courses you could open the course.

The link here is which doesn’t work. But
would work.

represents the number of the course.

Галина, попробую объяснить по-русски.
Перед тем, как создать новый урок, я всегда открывал список созданных мною уроков, чтобы не повторяться, потому что у меня уже слишком много уроков, чтобы все их помнить наизусть.
Теперь я не могу найти этот список- он не может не существовать, но доступа туда я не найду.
Раньше я открывал сначала ‘Import lessons’, затем слева наверху была ссылка на этот список. Нажав на неё я мог попасть в этот общий список всех созданных мною урокам по одному из языков.
Там же я мог создать новый курс, откорректировать что-либо в прежних уроках, проверить, какие уроки пользуются большей популярностью, какие меньшей - все сразу!
А теперь там другая ссылка: назад к импорту- и она возвращает меня к урокам, которые я недавно открывал - и все. Для простого с студента это, возможно, достаточно. Но для меня как провайдера хотелось бы получит весь список, как это было раньше.