"it brought the tears to one's eyes"

“I never knew her when she was a girl, but many have told me that then she was so lovely, it brought the tears to one’s eyes, and I could well believe it; for now, though fifty, she was still incomparable.”–THE PROMISE by W. Somerset Maugham

Has something ever brought tears to your eyes? Did “the tears” in your eyes disappear soon, or did your eyes hurt? What did you want to do after that?

Tears of joy, happiness, sadness, fury, helplessness, confusion, as well as storm- or cold-induced tears, I’ve had them all. Best is to have a hanky at the ready at all times and start afresh afterwards. One can always find a space for one’s hanky in one’s handbag :slight_smile:

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I hope that your eyes will neither burst nor “tear” under any circumstances.

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Playing with words again? I shall tear up the motorway later, making sure that the car windows are closed so that my eyes won’t tear up from the wind and pollen.


The usual expression is “it brought tears to my eyes” meaning “it made me cry.”

On our wedding day, when I saw her coming down the aisle looking more stunning than the beautiful dress she had on, I was so overcome with emotion it brought tears to my eyes.

I never knew her when she was a girl, but I have been told that she was so lovely then, it brought tears to your eyes. And I could well believe it; for even though she was now fifty, she was a sight beyond comparison.

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