Issues with wrong languages of conversation reports

I have issues with languages of my conversation reports. When I upload conversation reports of my tutors, some of them are uploaded correctly and others switch to a wrong language. For example, a report of my French tutor can be added to my Chinese lessons, a Spanish report to my German lessons, etc.
This started approximately two months ago when I uploaded my first Chinese conversation report, but I think it’s a coincidence, since it also happens with reports of different tutors in other languages. These changes seems to be random and I couldn’t realize possible causes of the switching.

There is no possibility to fix a language of imported reports and it doesn’t help to upload them again - the result is the same. It is a major problem because the system recognizes all the words of these reports as unknown. And there is no translation, since obviously all the words are not in the vocabulary of a wrong language.

What can you suggest to fix this problem?
This is one of many examples of the report in French coded by the system as a Chinese one:

If you need more examples, please let me know.


@inablau - Thanks for reporting this! We’ve seen this issue in the past, but very infrequently. Because it hasn’t happened very frequently, we haven’t yet had a chance to prioritize it to look into this further.

I wonder if it’s related to which language you have active when the report is sent, or something else along those lines. To be clear, has one of these reports ever been imported to a language you aren’t studying?

No Alex, these reports have never been imported to an inactivated languages. Moreover, they have never been imported to my activated languages in which I only imported and shared lessons (Russian and Hebrew) or downloaded lessons (Italian), but never signed up for conversations. This switching happens only between the languages in which I practice speaking and have conversation reports. It is strange because, at least to the best of my understanding, importing a lesson and a conversation report in the activated languages it’s the same procedure…

I have tried several times first opening the correct language and then uploading a report - it doesn’t help changing the wrong language. :frowning:
Any other suggestions?


What I’ve seen in the past with these is that the language seems to be hardcoded in the back end to that report, so there isn’t a way to automatically import it as a lesson. For these reports you’ll just have to manually import them by copying and pasting the report text into a new imported lesson.

Thanks for following up with regard to my question above. This should hopefully help put us in the right direction when we get a chance to look into this in more detail!

Manual import it’s a good idea.
Thanks Alex!

Alex, I figured out how to prevent the uploading of reports in a wrong language! I work on computer with Google Chrome. If I open the window with LingQ website in some language, Chrome “remember” the language and the new report is uploaded in the same language. So, if the new report is in French, I just need to open some LingQ page in French, keep it open - and the new conversation report is uploaded correctly. Maybe the solution will help to other users. Ina

Thanks for the heads up, and glad to hear you seem to have found a workaround!