Issues with v5.0


I’ve been using v5.0 for a couple of days, and I like it! It really looks cleaner and more intuitive in some ways, definitely a remarkable and much-needed improvement.

As it is a really recent version, however, it’s normal there are still some issues which I consider should be addressed. So I listed my observations on this post.

Please note that some of these might be subjective thoughts of mine, so other users may want to debate about it.

The issues are ordered from most to least displeasing in my view.

  • I think setting the translation bellow the text, instead of just displaying it in a separate frame, makes things just a bit messier. Sometimes a translation does not have the same number of sentences, and, because of that, it is not shown bellow the correct text. The translation also doesn’t seem to get imported correctly. As an example, check the next picture:

  • The first sentences have their translations shifted to the left, and the translation’s first sentence isn’t even visible (it should be ‘Hello everyone’ for みなさんこんにちは). But, in the second paragraph, translations are correct. I find this to be messy, and much more inconvenient than how it worked on v4.

  • In addition, you can no longer import translations when creating the lesson (you have to create it first, then add a translation). It is not a huge problem, but it makes importing a bit slower.

  • Read words count seems to be buggy. When I finish reading the lesson, it automatically sets the counter to x6.0 or so, and I can’t understand why this is the case (it may be due to my reading slowly (?)). Having to manually adjust the number to x1.0 is quite annoying. I find it’d be more convenient this way: a default value of x1.0 the first time you end the lesson, x0.0 for following times you finish it. It respects the functionality from v4, but adds flexibility to it.

  • I sometimes get redirected to Login - LingQ (/lib instead of /library), which looks like a buggy v4 library. I don’t exactly know when or why this happens, it appears to be random.

  • The underlined highlight style won’t work on the white theme (it does work on the dark theme).

  • Finally, I find level 1 and 2 LingQs’ highlight colors are too similar. There’s so little contrast among the yellows it’s hard to distinguish them from each other, which makes me slightly confused.

  • If you want to use the floating dictionary mode, sometimes the new frame will hide the word you’re learning. For example, in the following example, I selected 闭紧 and the frame appeared just in front of it, hiding the part of the text I am reading. As I won’t be using this feature, I don’t really care about this, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
    I hope this helps enhance LingQ’s user experience and make more people further enjoy their language-learning journey.

Thank you for your work!


Thanks, we appreciate all good feedbacks! We are working on improving the interface and getting rid of the bugs.

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I completely agree with your thoughts on the translation: “Setting the translation below the text, instead of just displaying it in a separate frame, makes things just a bit messier”… specifically as in the disorganised way that your screenshot shows, and with the tiny grey writing which is, on my screen at least, actually hard to read. Add to this that you can’t toggle on and off this translation, you are stuck with it for the rest of that lesson. Sentence mode translation took an age to load for some reason when I tried it (and I don’t want to use sentence mode anyway!) It was easy, intuitive and pleasant to use the full text / translation feature from the V4 reader, and it really ought to be re-instated as an option.

Lots of things seemed pleasant and intuitive on V4, particularly around the features and layout of the reader, the side bar, and ease of “Lingq” creation without excessive scrolling. Although it could take a while, because there’s so much feedback, and so many ways we each use Lingq, on different machines and operating systems, hopefully the basics will be right soon and V5 will end up as good or even better than V4 :slight_smile: