Issues with the app (select an already known word + select a phrase)


I don’t get how to select several words on the app (I guess it’s possible since Steve keeps insisting on the importance of saving such groups of word), and also how to select the already known words (for example if I accidentally marked one as known whereas I don’t).

I use these features a lot when using the website and I can’t imagine getting by without them.

Could someone from the staff help me?

Thank you

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Hi Krebs,
Yup, it’s possible to create LingQs from phrases in the app. Just press and hold on text while you are on the lesson page and you will be able to select multiple words or whole phrase to create LingQ from it.
Same goes for individual known words you want to select. Hope this helps!

Hi zoran,
Thank you for your answer. However, I tried what you suggest and I don’t have this result. Nothing happen when I try to select an individual known word and I’m not able to select several words by pressing and holding on text (yet I’m not particularly clumsy using smart phones…). However, if I try hard I got the words selected by Android, which allows me to paste, select all, etc. but that’s it.

I tried on a different phone and I’m still not able to select several words nor a single already known word.
Am I the only one experiencing the problem?

Hi Krebs,
We didn’t had any similar complain but we’ll do our best to help you. Which device are you using and which Android version you have installed on it?

Thank you. I’m using a Redmi 3S with Android 6.0.1. The other phone on which I tried (one of the newest Samsung, can’t remember which one exactly) was running with Android 6 as well.

I’ve got the same issue, as I already reported in a different thread

Do your smartphone uses the last Android version as well?

Sorry about that everyone. It seems that this issue is related to Android 6 only, we’ll do our best to fix it asap. Thanks for your patience!

OK thanks for working on it. I’m dying for using the app anywhere I am, but I’ll be patient… Right now I’m missing to many expressions and phrase which forces me to review a second time the text while finally on my computer…

It is happening on windows too. I’m trying to select full sentences.
There sentences with 15-20 words, but it doesnt allow me to select more that 5-7 words out of those long sentences

Hi everyone,
This issue should be fixed now. Please update LingQ app on Google Play and you will be able to LingQ phrases normally after that. Thanks for your patience!

That’s not a bug actually. In the new reader, you are limited to highlight one sentence, or if sentence is too long, you are limited to highlight 9 words.