Issues with Romanian letter ă

In most lessons you will find words like întrebãri though there is no letter ã in Romanian, but rather the letter ă. Is it possible to mass-change the non-existent letter?

Thanks for reporting, we will see what we can do.

Hi Zoran,

Btw, is it possible to bug-report individual words? I see a lot of errors in Romanian courses.

No, not at the moment, but if you are Premium user you can edit sentences in the sentence mode and fix errors.

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I’d love to correct some of the spellings in the short stories in Romanian (the spelling is out of date - no idea who wrote these but they don’t seem to have lived in Romania since the 1990s) but even in sentence mode the ‘edit sentence’ option isn’t there. I guess they must be protected. I do have a Premium account. I understand that letting just anyone edit texts is a bit tricky because they could make a real mess of it.