Issues with Chinese on LingQ

大家好, for sure these issues have been addressed somewhere. Maybe you can answer here or direct me to the appropriate discussion.

  1. a Hanzi has several pronunciations depending on the usage. An example is 着 which can be zhe5, zhao1, zhao2 or zhuo2. In the LingQ Pinyin transcription, it only has “zhao1”, although the audio is saying it correctly. I guess, there is no chance to have it correct in the transcript as well, is this correct?
  2. Same goes for 女, which is nü3 but is transcribed with ru3. Yes, that is another reading of this Hanzi, but mostly it is nü3, isn’t it?
    Is there a forum where we can propose improvements of LingQ or give hints to mistakes?
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读成nU3 是“雌性”(female)的意思。
在现代汉语中不常见读成 ru3这种用法

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I am not learning old Chinese here, just nowadays Mandarin. The transcription of 女 is shown as ru3 nevertheless, so I guess it is a transcription mistake.

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one of the most annoying issues indeed.