Issues to import lesson from Youtube

Hi LingQ Support Team,

I’m trying to make a lesson from one Youtube video.
The issue is that it’s not imported fully, just the first part. I don’t know if I do something wrong or not. I did this once with another video and it took me several times to be able to import the whole 50 min video. It was split for 5 lessons. But this time it’s not working at all. I’ve tried several times already and will try once again.
But I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if I do something wrongly.

Please help me to clarify,

Hi Alla,
Maybe there’s an issue with that particular video and the .srt file uploaded. Can you please send me a link and I’ll try to import it on my end to see what happens. Thanks.

Sure! It’s Start With Why: Part 2 | Book Club with Simon - YouTube
Thank you for looking into this, Zoran.

Hi Zoran,
I tried once again and left the uploaded lesson as it was (with 1 lesson only). After half an hour I logged it and saw that now I have the full course with 6 lessons. Was that you or do I just need to be more patient and give it time to import everything properly? Maybe that is the solution…
If it’s the case, maybe it’s worth adding a note somewhere? Something like “Please be patient. Wait until all the parts will be imported to your lesson”. Right now it’s just a tick with the word “Done”, while it’s not “done” at all… Creates confusion and a bit of panic from my side (at least) )))

Great, thanks for letting me know. Yes, in some specific cases it can take some time for other parts to appear. :slight_smile:

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