Issues Importing books

I have recently downloaded Calibri and have converted my book of choice into a TXT file, I have then copied the whole file to then paste into Lingq but upon doing this I get an error message saying that “Lingq is not responding” it then gives me an option to wait or kill the page?

Could anyone help with this?

Maybe a problem with Lingq latency? It happens to me often when I connect over wifi (my area is a bit crowded). Using an ethernet cable or finding a faster wifi connection may help

I might try and give this a try later

I have the same problem. Everything goes well if I import smaller portions of the book, 4 or 5 pages, but the system does not take the whole book. Four months ago I could import a whole book wihout any problem.

I used to be able to import whole books over wifi. Now, I need to connect over Ethernet. I’m sure my own wifi connection speed is partially responsible for the change but it’s also clear that Lingq servers suffer from long response times. I suppose this might be particularly true for those of us connecting from outside North America

I uploaded a novel in Spanish just a few minutes ago. The system is functioning well for me, right now.

In Chrome (Mac) the tab crashes when I paste a large amount of text in there, but it’s OK in Safari.

I believe the auto-splitting function was recently fixed, but there still seems to be a problem there.

So quick update I have actually managed to import a book now I feel like its because of the internet connection I am currently in an office hardwired in and not on WIFI this has seem to have allowed me to upload this book.

+ilearnlang I think that’s because you have a nice wifi connection, with few neighbors around sharing your channel and sucking up bandwidth. Lucky you!

I’m still experiencing crashes when I paste a lot of text in the import field in Chrome (Mac) - I think there must be a problem in the way the field is coded.