Issue with creating lingqs

Is anyone else having a problem with creating lingqs on the android app? Specifically, when you select a translation for a blue word and instead of assigning that translation to the word, it instead brings up your keyboard and makes you type in a translation instead. The only way around it is to actually ignore the word and then reselect it and remake it into a lingq again. It’s happening every 3-6 words selected and it’s quite annoying. Is there something obvious I’ve missed? This never used to happen at all.

Sorry to hear that. What device are you using? When did you first noticed the issue?

Galaxy Fold-Z. It started happening maybe a week or two ago. I’ve been using this same device for LingQ since November '21 and it’s never happened before now.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

Same exact thing is happening to me. LingQ for Android, redmi phone. Please look into it, it makes the app virtually unusable.