Issue with Blue words

Not sure if this was brought up or not. Thought i would let you know mark.

Just a little glitch.
Alot of times whem im about done changing all the blue words to gold ones Lingq pops up a msg stating that All the words are known even though thre are maybe a couple left. ( when the msg pops up the blue highlighted words arent highlighted anymore as if they are known). the word count is at 0 and at that point if I click the I know all button it does nothing. I have to then go back to the lesson page , open the lesson again and the 2-3 blue words that I had yet to change to gold are there again. I change them to to gold words and then click I Know all and it then adds a few more words to my known words.

Also While I’m at it, anyway for me to delete the french tab in my profile? Don’t want to give anyone the impression im studying french. Would be nice if I could delete it or somehow have the option of telling lingq which tabs to put up??


@keroro - There are a few glitches that have cropped up on the lesson page. We will be looking into them in the next few weeks. We are aware of the problem you describe and we will be taking care of it.

We will also be including a better way of controlling your visible languages in your profile. This change should be up shortly.