Issue with audio on iOS

The audio cuts off randomly when my phone is locked. Typically after around 30 seconds of locking my iPhone, the audio simply stops playing, and I have to go back into the app to deliberately play it again. This did not used to happen. I first started noticing it around a month ago. After reinstalling the app multiple times, the error persists.

Sorry to hear that. We are unable to reproduce that on our end.
Can you please let me know which device you have and which iOS version installed on it?
Also, what exactly you do that leads to the behavior. For example, do you hit play and lock the phone? Or do you hit play, minimize the app and lock the phone? Hit play, minimize app, use other app, lock?

Anything that can help us reproduce it would be great. Thanks!

I have an iPhone 7 plus on iOS 11.4.1

The issue hasn’t really been happening today, but for several weeks it was present.

It only happened when I minimized the app. If I went into a mini story lesson page and played the audio, it would eventually turn off once I left the app/locked my phone. On the other hand, if I played it through the playlist tab, it never seemed to cut off once I locked my phone.

I’m just happy now that I can listen to the ministories and not be active on my phone.

Hope this helps.

Can you please try to update your iOS version? Looks like you are currently 2 versions behind the latest one. That should solve the problem.