Issue SRS Vocabulary


Yesterday I started to work with Lingq for the first time. I read a bunch of texts, but now I’d like to practice the words that I don’t know. However, it says on the website that I did not create any Lingqs, but as you can see I have a bunch of them. Can someone please tell me what I did wrong? Thanks!

Where does it say that you haven’t created any LingQs? What happens if you open the vocabulary tab, and start the review?

Zoran, it clearly says no LingQs on the OP’s profile for the last week. Even if you go back two weeks, the profile clearly shows no LingQs made, no LingQs learnt, no words known - the column to the left of these shows zeros - though the goals clearly show the number to be attained (as displayed in the column on the right).

Maybe you can check the OP’s profile? :slight_smile:

Hi Zoran, if you zoom into the pictures I attached you can see that in the SRS (sorry it’s in dutch) tab it says: “Looks like you haven’t linqed any words yet”. However, on the other image you can see that I clearly did. Please tell me what I need to do here. Thank you :blush:

@Maria2 I thing you missed the language. If you check user’s stats for Bulgarian (his screenshot above is for Bulgarian), he does have both LingQs created and LingQs learned. I did check it, no worries.

@rickvan_wichen Can you please reach me via email on support(at) I’d like to take a closer look into your account. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Indeed yes Zoran, I see what you mean.

The screenshot is so small, I’d never guess it was Bulgarian. Perhaps the default formatting of LingQ screenshots should be adjusted so they are readable?

It’s virtually impossible to read what language they’re in

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For some reason it started working now. Thx for your help! :blush: