Is TTS not Working in This Period? Or Other Timestamps Problems?

I’ve started to have some problems with audio generated TTS in different lessons.
I use the iPad and it generated the audio but then inside the lesson there is only 1 second.

I go to the web app and I generate the audio from there. Yesterday worked but today doesn’t and it generates an audio but then there is no audio inside the lesson or the audio is at 00:00. Or it generated failed audio.

Here you have one lesson in Spanish but it happens in the other courses I have: Login - LingQ

It also happened in German courses I have.

Here I cannot enter in my lesson in German:

Are you regenerating all the timestamps? I don’t understand. None of those lessons are new, I tried to enter another lesson in German and I can’t and a lot of timestamps pop-up appeared!

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue.

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Now I have the same problem even in French, this lesson: Login - LingQ

I have done 24 parts of that book without any problem, now it stops after 1 sec.!

@zoran I keep having problems, have you found a solution?

TTS in this new lesson in Spanish doesn’t work either: Login - LingQ

I tried to regenerate everything, nothing is working.

I can’t access these two lessons anymore on German. If I click on them, it always says timestamps generated and it appears the message below.

I asked our team what’s the status here.

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I’ve been having the same problem with Chinese. Generating lesson audio is totally failing. It will either not play at all or stop after 2-4 seconds despite displaying an overall audio time that seems correct for the amount of content.

I also have this problem recently (with Chinese).

Thanks, we will look into that.