Is this use of "låga" correctly defined as "low"? I

Is this use of “låga” correctly defined as “low”? I have it, rather, as “low, dead and lying”. Therefore, the sentence “Låga löner på populär teater” maybe poetic, but otherwise not quite the correct use of “låga”.

In this case it just means “low salaries”.

Låga is a form of “låg” which means low. Låg is almost a direct translation, e.g. you could feel “låg” (altough it’s more common to say “nere”), or that the sound is “lågt”.

“Låga löner” is translated into “low salaries”, so as you see, “låg” is the same as low. The “a” in låga is there to represtent the plural form of salaries.

I would however not say that “låga” is the same as “dead” or “lying”. Låga can be a flame in a fire but other than that I do not think that it can be translated into something else. Lying as the act of lying down is “ligga” and in past tense is “låg” (ex. Jag låg ner på marken igår") but never “låga”.

Jag/du har låg lön
Jag/du har en låg lön

Dom/de har låga löner
De har en låg lön

Vi har haft låga löner
Vi har en låg lön

Ni hade låga löner
Ni har haft en låg lön

Specifically “low salarie_s_”. “Låga” is the plural form of “låg”, meaning “low”. (It also means “flame” but that’s completely separate.)

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Aha! Your answer is illuminating.

the “a” in låga…representing the plural form - Got it! thanks!

Snygg ordspel! Jag ska träna med din listen.