Is this really what Germans love to eat?

I just came across this website on Twitter:

(Please repair the broken link, if needs be.)

I, for my part, love at least eight of the dishes mentioned, mostly those from the Prussian part of Germany…

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Is this really what Germans love to eat? I would say NO, I love only these two:

The rest is either too heavy (Entenbraten, Gänsebraten), or horrible to view and to eat (Labskaus - ).

I love Rouladen, Sauerbraten (but not the ‘Rheinischer Sauerbraten’) and Gulasch. But I love Spargel, Mixed vegetables, different kind of salads, Grüne Soße as well. And I love all kind of Italian food. And I love to try out food from other countries as well. Luckily we have a huge variety of restaurants in Germany.

I wonder how they have asked. Maybe they have asked for the most traditional meal in the region?