Is this legal?

Hello guys.
I want to know if this is legal. I want to practice my German to Spanish translating skill by translating dialogues and texts from different books such as teach yourself German or colloquial series. If I publish the translation in Spanish of those texts here on LingQ to help Spanish learners, is it legal or will I have any problem? I am asking this because I want to become good in German and at the same time I can help other people.

This is not legal. The material is copyrighted and this includes translation, recordings etc.

In any case you need to have a permission from the author or from the editing house.
The most authors can give such a permission but under certain conditions.
For example, last year I allowed Jose to translate some of my lessons into Spanish by the notice that the original text was written by Evgueny40 and translated into Spanish by Jose.
If there are some differences between original text and the translation, so might be written: ‘the Spanish version’.

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I think I’ll create my own texts to help Spanish learners.