Is there utility in using a book like Japanese for Busy People while using Lingq at the same time?

Generally they seem to do similar things, but Lingq is more flexible and allows for more interesting content. I am quite bored whenever I do the book work and kind of want to redirect time from it if it won’t be particularly helpful. I already diversify where I am learning my content from by doing Duolingo and Heisig’s Kanji, so it isn’t like Lingq would be my sole source of learning. So is there a point for me continuing with it?

I’ve never read that particular text, but going over the grammar items may help you to notice better when you read articles on lingq.

Is there some way you can copy and import the dialogues into LingQ. If so, that would be great. Or, is it a paper book you have?

It’s a paper book. Part of the reason why I want to know if it will be helpful at all, I have to lug it between home in America and school in Scotland.

Honestly I feel that Duolingo has helped far more with grammar as it forces me to translate sentences from English into Japanese.

It’s not bad to have a resource like that. Has grammar notes and explanations which you can thumb through periodically. But, for the most part, all you really need is LingQ. If you are trying to conserve space, I would have no trouble leaving it behind. Lots of online grammar resources to consult if you need to or you can ask questions on the forum.