Is there someone who is also having problems with accessing the hints, the dictionary and the instructions? in the lessons?

I couldn´t access the website for like an hour and now when I open a lesson, only the text appears on the screen. Can´t view the hints, nor the dictionary…all the other websites are working, so the problem is not my connection.

Yeah, a lot of people are having this problem I think. The thread “Lessons are now read-only” has a running list of people.

I see… and this people say if the problem remains or if it comes and goes?

I’ve seen a couple of people say that it worked for a lesson, but almost everyone including me, have not been able to make LingQs at all.

ah, I have just seen the thread…apparently there is some problem in the server, then

It is actually a good news I thought that my computer has a virus or some fault, but no…it is a
fault of the server…:stuck_out_tongue: >=D

The LingQ box has disappeared!

Doesn´t work for me either :frowning:

for me only it appears the text but not audio or dictionary

Yapp - the widget is gone.

Same for me I can only see the text.

we all have the same problem!

so we must take a coffee break! I love coffee!


Same for me, just lessons text! Lingq box has disappeared!

It is morning here in Vancouver and we will have our technical people get on this right away. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The lesson page should be working properly again. We do apologize for this.


Lessons are working again, grat!
Thank you all!