Is there someone studying this german lesson : Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!

This one is for absolute begginers =)

I’ve used this series, schritt fur schritt, and deutsch von afang an. I’ve learned a lot of words. Now I can listen to some other higher level things. So I recommend," Ab jetz lerne ich Deutsch! German now!

@Amarock: Yes, this course was created for absolute beginners. I’m glad you like it.

@OzzyHellBack: “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!” is concipated for absolute beginners. There is no need to study other material before. The difficulty increases slowly, and new vocabulary is introduced step by step.

Congratz! Good Job! =)
I’m really enjoying it.

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I highly recommended the course to get your “foot in the door” to the language.

I used it to “unlearn” the colloquial German I picked up on a few visits. It set me straight and back on track so I know it contains a wealth of content.

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It is useful for learners like me who almost became unfamiliar with German syntax and pronunciations.

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Thank you all for your nice comments. Such feedback helps me to stay motivated.