Is there some way to block other users on LingQ?


Seriously guys, is there some kind of blocking button on LingQ similar to the function people have on most social media sites, when they don’t want to see messages, posts or content from a particular user?

If not, I really think the site would be improved by introducing this.

It can’t be that complicated, surely?

I wonder who you want to block. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I do kind of wonder whether I’m the only one?

I mean, I have quite a high threshold of tolerance, but after a while continual stupid trolling just gets kind of boring, ya know…

(And some of the stuff we’ve seen - like poking fun at seriously ill children is pretty damned distasteful, IMO.)

It shouldn’t be complicated. I second this idea and yes, we’re thinking about the same person

Loved this. I don’t think it’s possible… Yet. Should be though.

Yes, some sort of block or mute would be useful.

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Consider yourself successful. He seems to target primarily you on different posts on lingq if we’re talking about the same person lol

Recently he has been harassing me in particular - but he has trolled many LingQers over the last year using at least three different accounts and numerous different forum names.

It’s mostly just stupid childish stuff - but there have been some nasty political posts too. His latest party trick is giving deliberately misleading answers to questions asked by learners of English.

Yes,it could be very useful.
Even discussing and arguering, we have to follow some certain rules and not to transform any discussion into trolling and bulling.

I don’t want to play the bad guy by saying this, but you are exaggerating a little bit. Yes, he appears to be little rude sometimes, but that alone is not big of a problem on an Internet forum, and shouldn’t be a reason to censor someone.

I think you have misunderstood me, Aydin. I am NOT asking for him to be “censored” - that would imply that his posts are removed or that everyone here is automatically blocked from seeing them.

What I am asking for is a blocking or mute function for individual users, so that I (and other people who don’t want to see his nonsense) can choose to filter it out on our screens.

I am utterly dispassionate about what other people want to read. If casual anti-semitism, mocking children with cancer, continual childish insults directed at other LingQers is the kind of thing you are into - go for it. But people shouldn’t have to see it if they don’t want to.

This would be a good function. I have someone on my page who is jealous of how many LingQ’s I have. This user is on MY page, telling me I am dishonest, when he’s 1) got 50,000 words learned in Spanish to my 6,000, 2) He’s enrolled in the same challenges I am in, 3) I have photographic proof that as of January 26th, 2018, I had the exact same 20 LingQs and 263 words learned I had the whole year before in 2017 and 2016, when I started a quick LingQ trial. So his claims against me more likely speak to his own manner of using language-study sites. And I’ve repeatedly encouraged others and explained my situation to challenge participants - I am not “learning” these; I already know these words, and the system is absorbing my prior knowledge in addition to new words as I read for hours; it’s only affecting me this first month, then I’ll plateau. Also, you do you. We can all WIN the challenge. And more importantly than a challenge on the internet, we can ALL learn happily, no need for demeaning and insults. As for the abusive user, I know I could delete him/her from my comment wall, but that won’t stop future commentary, even though I’ve worked to be kind to someone fighting and bragging over internet points. (Seriously?) It’s my first week on full-LingQ, and users that insult should be blocked, reported, banned. They aren’t respectful to the community. They aren’t good for business - 7 days in and I have hate mail on my wall. A quiet mute button would be nice. It seems like this has been a concern in past months in this community, and I’m just the latest target.

You can report them to support(at) and we will first warn them and if needed ban them from the site.

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Okay, I just didn’t want to overwhelm y’all with emails, first from the import issue, and now with this user questioning my integrity and calling me names on my own page. He’s trying to bully/gatekeep people out of the challenges so he can stay in 1st place. It’s my first week here, and in addition to calling me a liar and making up stories about me, he’s telling me I need to drop out of challenges (that he’s registered for), so that he can win them. Personally, I think we ALL can win at the LingQ challenges; you don’t need to insult me and try to get me to quit them, just because the user is feeling obsessed about an internet stranger beating them on an online leaderboard. I’ll email in his comments on my page to LingQ support - I only wish there was a mute button, because nothing’s stopping him from writing again on the page.

who has been making fun ?

It’s the top thing on my page (the one with 14 comments; the comments are where it goes south). Somebody was top of the old LingQ 90-Day challenge leaderboards, and they’re lashing out because this time they’re in second place (which is still fine and they’re going to win the challenge.) There are no limitations on who can enter the challenges. It’s my first time, but they’re questioning my honor. It seems like they’ll only feel good about themselves if they’re top of some online leaderboard, even through coercion, which is a sad way to live.

Apparently, it’s an habit of him of being rude with others, I have a thread with him in my own page now, regarding his accusations. In my case I don’t think a ban is needed, but a mute button would be indeed useful.

Dang, he insulted you more than he insulted me! He went after both your parents and your job, all because you’d made one comment telling him to cool it. He also seems to have an unhealthy obsession with little boys. You’re a grown adult, and so am I, so why are so many of his posts about little boys and an 8th grade education?

Those two last messages he sent with ten hours of difference of the discussion we were having. I woke up to them and was pretty shocked. Just sent an email of complain to Lingq.