Is there anyway to add a bit more space on the right of the text for Arabic


I’m starting with Arabic language and web page has to few pixels on the right of the text. So when you hover over the button text gets covered. And margin is such that hovering and/or clicking over first (even two in some cases) letter of the word gets you this problem (covering words/letters or clicking Complete Lesson button)

This problem persists even with zoom 300% in browser.

On the picture you see how it shows with hover on the left and without on the right.

You should specify your phone software version. I have ios 14.2 on an iPhone 6s Plus and don’t have this issue. Although the last line of text can have a problem like you’re experiencing.

Which browser are you using?

Firefox 84.0.1

I have tried in Edge too and overlap is HUGE. It covers even word or TWO! in some instances.

And I checked with newest version of Chrome and same problem persists! Its not the browser. It’s the overlap of the elements on the page.

With Chrome it’s not as noticeable. In practice it’s similar to Firefox or few pixels less. But with EDGE it’s ridiculous.

I’ve added screenshots to original post cause I can’t put imgs in comment replys.

This is a screenshot of a source code mode in firefox. And it clearly shows elemnts overlaping. It would probably help if nav buttons would go on same Z layer as main middle box.

(btw, I don’t know why settings about lingq don’t transfer over the web browsers. Reading properties. Cause I have to delete Arabic to restart known words again :D)