Is there anybody learning Chinese?

It seems like there are not a lot of people learning Chinese. I wanted to host a conversation, but nobody submitted. Anyone want to exchange, for English? My English level is high enough to talk, don’t worry. Also, I’d like your Chinese level high enough to understand me.

Also, I’m in mainland so I don’t know if skype will run smoothly due to far distance.

I’m learning Chinese. But my level isn’t high enough to understand everything you say. I haven’t practise my listening and speaking skills yet. Now I’m focusing on my vocabulary which is too small. Though I’d like to talk a little bit.

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I think I’m interested. Do you use wechat?

zhuli, 就不理Rat123,他真的没素质

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Andrey, Hi ! =)))

Did you hear Zhu Li speaking English? =))) His English is really rather advanced, I should say, it’s really way far from any basic level already! =))) His Chinese is surely rather unusual, that’s why I suggest you and me, we both may try join Zhu Li, why not? =))

As your English is also definitely NOT at a basic level, we could also probably be of some benefit for Zhu Li ! :wink:

What’s your idea? :wink:

you’re nice. sounds interesting. maybe we can talk some time, in skype? I’m not always on skype. you can contact me via email, 790403624 at

yes, sure. You can add me, my user name is mynameiszhuli. my nick name is 力哥.

don’t have to be very high, just can do some level of conversation, otherwise it will be meaningless to talk. If you have QQ(790403624) or wechat(mynameiszhuli) or just email(790403624 at, feel free to talk to me. Usually I’m not on skype.

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Wow, thanks a lot! =)))

No, no, do not even worry about this, the level being just high, or very high, this is not the point! :wink: Anyways, it’s not the case when the manufacturer guaranteed you the specified quality of the product you purchased, with specified features implemented, but as you start to use it, it turns out that does not meet the guaranteed features! =)))

Sure enough, it’s only in this case you go and tell them, “Hey, you sold me smth that you said features the following functions, but it does NOT!”

But in the case of conversation, it works completely different, in my opinion! =))) We just start talking, and not necessarily trying to show to each other how really fluent and skillful we are in a language, but, rather the opposite would be much more meaningful; we are gradually trying to find the level normal for each of us, NOT the SAME level, though! =)))) Most of the times, this level is different for each of us, and it’s absolutely normal ! =)))

ok, you’re are an interesting person, why not add me on skype(mynameiszhuli) and talk for like half an hour and see what happens. I just installed it. Haven’t used it for a long time.

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Ah, really? =)))

I’ll add you right now, though it’s a bit too early in the mornig here, it’s just 6 AM, but it’s absolutely no problem for me! =)))

@andrey, email(790403624 at, in case I’m not on skype) or add me in skype(mynameiszhuli) if you want to talk. btw, I’ve read your bio. You seems to program too. I also program, like writing websites, that’s my hobby, and I’ve learned a lot of programming languages.


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yes, i agree with you!