Is there any way to review vocabulary from multiple lessons at one?

I’m trying to find a way to review vocabulary from more than one lesson at the same time, for example all lessons from a certain course, or a subset of lessons from a certain course. Since I’ve got some courses where each lesson only has a handful of lings, and there isn’t much use reviewing 4-5 words in a lesson for each session. Is there any way to chose multiple lessons to review either in any of the apps or in the web view?

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Well. I sometimes do this approach. I open the vocabulary page and sort by Creation Date. Then all the fresh linqs from recent lessons appear at the top. Now I select those that I want to review.

I’ve had this exact same thought. There are times when I want to review only vocab from a particular course. Would be a nice enhancement for future versions of LingQ.


I’d like to add that it would be nice if recently opened lessons were at the top of the Lessons drop down menu in filters at the vocabulary page. Now it is inconvenient because I have to type the title that I might not remember in order to find a lesson.

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You mean you can’t?? Uhhh. I was confused how the SRS function worked and made a help ticket. I wanted to know how the heck the SRS function works since it doesn’t seem to be reviewing my due words but just random words. I’m new so I am thinking it might just be user error but maybe this flashcard system doesn’t work anything like I would expect. I guess that’s why they support exporting vocabulary.

I asked this question and I was told you can’t currently. You can filter for a specific lesson, but only one at a time.

I also would like this feature as I like to focus on vocabulary from a specific book, and obviously those span many lessons.