Is there any way to add notes to a lesson you're following?

Is there any way to add notes to a lesson you’re following from another provider? I know this can be done with your own private lessons.
I always make notes when studying via any other method, so I hope it doesn’t necessitate creating separate files elsewhere to accompany the lessons.



@Steve555 - There is no way to add notes to a lesson at the moment. I assume that you are referring to the description field when you say you can add notes to a private lesson, which is fine but not necessarily why the description field is there. In the case of notes for a lesson, there is a forum for each lesson where you can post relevant information or questions about grammar or vocabulary. You will find the forum in the Study Resources dropdown in the dashboard. You can ask questions related to words or phrases or simply just post about the lesson in general. You can also ask questions about specific words or phrases from the LingQ widget itself that will be added to this forum. You can certainly post notes in the forum as comments. These will also be available to everyone which will be appreciated by others I’m sure.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try as suggested.
The feature I was referring to in a private lesson is the ability to add an extra resource: “Lesson Notes” to each lesson, within the lesson’s import/edit page.

@Steve555 - Ah… of course! I forgot about that section. That is only available to the lesson provider to provide notes for the lesson, or in your case, if it’s private, provide notes for yourself!

Actually, that gives me an idea, for a lesson that I particularly want to annotate, I could just copy/paste the text in to a new lesson, then export/import the audio file, so that I have a private lesson I can add ‘Lesson Notes’ too. I assume as long as I don’t share this lesson, LingQ won’t mind me making a private copy?

@Steve555 - Sure, you’re more than welcome to do that. :slight_smile: