Is there any other way to get more LingQs?

Is there any other way to get more LingQs apart from upgrading to Premium, referring a friend, or liking LingQ’s Facebook page? For example, can I use the points I earned to buy LingQs?

Hi Yulie,
Unfortunately you are not able to buy LingQs with your points, and you’ll need to upgrade your account for unlimited LingQs or to refer your friends to join to earn more free (up to 2000 LingQs).

The thing is that after downgrading my account I lost the LingQs I used to have before I did the upgrade. I wish I didn’t. Anyway, thank you for your prompt reply.

As far as I remember, the vocab does not get deleted when we downgrade. Have you checked your vocabulary pages?

The vocabulary is still there. I mean, I hadn’t reached my LingQ limit at that time, so I upgraded to Premium hoping that I’d still be able to use those spare LingQs after the expiration of my subscription.

@Yulie You can keep all your LingQs after downgrading, and if you want to create more LingQs you can upgrade again to continue where you left off.

Now I understand what you are referring to, I think: you look at the LingQ-limit that is set for new, free members as an entitlement (to be used up if not already converted into LingQs once you downgrade again).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. The system does not revert to the unused number of putative LingQs on downgrading. An interesting idea.

Yes. Recently I got 100 LingQs, but I’m not able to use them (let alone the ones I had received before upgrading), because the number of LingQs I created still exceeds the limit. It’s a bit strange.