Is there any language you don't want to learn?

I think I might be suffering from language ADD. I can’t study one without another one catching my attention. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to constantly learn languages. I don’t think there is language I don’t want to learn. Is there a language you aren’t interested in whatsoever? Do you not like the culture, the sound of the language, the history? Maybe other languages seem more interesting? Whatever the reason may be, I’d love your insight.

You have what SanneT calles “wunderlust”!

I have zero interest in Spanish or Swahilli or Cantonese or Icelandic…Edit: and especially Esperanto!
I fantasize about learning Urdu & Hindi. But 7 other languages come first.

Hey, I must not get sidetracked from my Mandarin right now! :slight_smile:

It was @AI3 who posted something about “language wanderlust”, I simply nicked the term off him!

Icelandic, hmmm, now there’s a thought.

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Esperanto, just meh.

I used to have an aversion towards certain languages, but on taking a closer look, it turned out to be a kind of “language snobbism”. (Let me stress that I had no real experience in the languages I thus rejected, it was pure prejudice.)

These days I am grateful for any language I manage to get between my ears. I am constraining myself to actively working on 4 at a time and this can a bit of a struggle occasionally (both the constraint and the amount of work).

I had to learn Fortran. I’m still not loving it. :wink:

I’d recommend to create a list of the languages most interesting for you. Just to ignore so far the languages which are not in your top 10.

You are a serial language learner then and you are in good company. :smiley: I used to be one, then, I went to rehab :wink: and now I am focusing on one language at a time and I do maintenance on the others.
It all boils down to what you actually want to do. Many people enjoy the whole process of learning, get lost in it and indulge in language hopping , but as things are, I really would prefer some results, but I have to say, it is an addictive process.