Is there a way to turn off beginner tips?

There are these tips that keep popping up showing me how to use the website. I know they’re meant for beginners but I don’t really need them; I am and have been a member for about a year now. I’d appreciate the option to turn them off.


For now, we can only turn off them for the session by clicking on the “…” on the left bottom part of the popup.

I think you know that and you want, like me, to turn them off definitly as they bother you at every connexion, everyday… and you really fed up with them!! Me, I’m fed up too with the webinar popup invitations.

+1 to have a way to turn off every popup tips or invitations.

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On the desktop version:

  1. Click Settings on the Lessons tab (gear icon).
  2. Under Home Settings > TUTORIAL > Clear the checkmark for Show tips.

I don’t have the app so I have no idea how to do it there.

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Thanks, JFC !

Everyday, and several times a day, I turn off the tips in Home Settings. Why doesn’t the system remember? What should I do to permanently disable them?

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Yes, please, turn it off forever. It should not be dependant on LingQ cookies!
Actually this request applies to all the settings - user data should be saved in user profile on the site, not on the computer.


As it is now, you have to keep cookies on your PC. Unfortunately, LingQ saves your data there.