Is there a way to reset a language's statistics

It seems I have forgotten a lot of Japanese and I think that my badge and avatar are quite a bit inaccurate now. Is it possible I could reset that language slot so I could start over and make lessons easier as well as making the portrayal of my level more accurate?

In your account settings you can delete the language entirely.

If I were you, I wouldn’t reset my account. You will lose all your hard work invested in your LingQs! Just reread your old lessons where all your LingQs will still be highlighted in yellow. Look up these words with one click. Any status 4 words can be changed back to a yellow status and will be subtracted from your known words total. Any words you come across that you don’t know can always be selected and LingQed as well which also removes them from your known words total. You will be surprised how quickly it comes back!

Ok thank you