Is there a way to prevent automatic splitting of lessons?

Automatically splitting lessons is a cool feature but it can also be annoying, if I simply want to import a 20k word lesson from a .txt file and not have it split into 10 different lessons, how can I do this?


That’s not possible. Lesson is limited to 2000 words and any text longer than that will be split in parts automatically.

Any chance this limit could be raised? It is particularly frustrating when trying to import ebooks because chapters end up being divided into X number of sub-lessons.

Thank you for the reply. I would like to let you know that having this be optional would be an appreciated feature, especially when we import books like SeoulMate mentioned, but I understand back-end stuff can be trickier to implement than it appears at first.

At the moment we don’t have in plans to raise the limit. Longer lessons impact the site’s performance. Maybe one day, but most probably not in the near future.

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