Is there a way to locate Youtube content based on known/learn words from LingQ?

Hello all.

I was wondering if there was some kind of tool or software that is able to assimilate known/learnt words/phrases from LingQ and use that information to assimilate and locate content on Youtube that corresponds to the appropriate level of difficulty based around those words/phrases.

I’ve recently made an account entirely in French (user, country, language, VPN) ; everything. Although certain
videos pop up that is clear I might be able to learn from (and/or import into lingQ at a certain point) it is still a shot in the dark.

A common occurrence I am facing; and I’m sure others are facing too; is perhaps finding a interesting video/audio on Youtube only to realise that the word count/subject matter/
sentence complexity is way too high! (can be good at times as this can motivate me to learn more) however it is generally very tedious as it doesn’t coincide with my current level of comprehension.

-Any Ideas into how I efficiently locate appropriate content?

“1 Lesson in the morning from LingQ then 1 lesson off-hand lesson in the evening based around the general word count.”